K2 V4.5.1 Sample Applications and Templates

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Verity K2. The sample applications and templates in the next few pages are designed to demonstrate how you can use Verity K2 to create your own applications right out of the box. First, select JSP or ASP applications.
      JSP Setup instructions Override default HTTP Port:
      There are six sample templates and applications in this package:
    • Simple Search: Is a basic search template. Select from a list of currently available collections on a K2 server and search for keywords in those collections. K2 contains a sample collection of Verity K2 documentation.

    • Advanced Search: Demonstrates some of the advanced features available in searching collections. While building the collection, many of the documents' meta tags are indexed. For example, HTML document fields like title, mime-type, size, and date are automatically indexed and stored as fields. This template shows how to perform a keyword search in these fields.
    • Knowledge Tree Browse: Displays a tree view of Knowledge Tree, which makes it easy to view all the categories and sub-categories.
    • Parametric Application: Parametric Search is the capability of seamlessly and scalably searching hetrogenenous collections of documents using both structured meta-data and free text. In a typical setting, each document has associated with it some unstructured text as well as a number of structured attributes (e.g document type and format, author, date of creation). These attributes maybe single or multi-byte as determined by their locale.
    • Recommendation Application: Demonstrates basic search with Adaptive Ranking,   recommendation with filtering on fields, recommendation of documents on predefined user profiles, similar documents, expert location, and community.
    • Federated Search: Provides a single point of control for convenient access to intranet and internet applications. A straightforward Java API lets you write new worker components to access new applications.

    The source code for these sample templates and applications is located in your <K2 Install Dir>/k2/samples directory. The /applications directory contains the Parametric and Federated search sample application code and the /templates directory contains the remaining templates' code.