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About Workplace Health and Safety Information

Dedicated to Safety at Work
CISILO is a bilingual, bibliographic database which provides references to international occupational health and safety literature. The database is created by the International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre/Centre international d'informations de sécurité et d'hygiène du travail (CIS) in Geneva.

CIS scans more than 400 journals annually on basic safety and health topics. More than 80 CIS National Centres collect and send material to Geneva to be included in the database.
Some 50% of the abstracts cover topics specific to occupational hygiene;another 30% cover occupational medicine; and about 20% cover industrial safety.

The publications date from 1974 to the present and are in their original language of publication. CISILO includes documents originally written in English, French, German, Russian, Scandinavia languages, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese. In this database, references are described in English.

Records contain information such as:
   • title
   • author
   • name of the journal or publication from which the record is taken
   • publisher
   • summary of the journal article or publication
   • year of publication

Emphasis on:
   • legislation, regulations and directives
   • chemical safety data sheets
   • training materials and methods
   • audiovisual aids
   • computer databases, internet pages and multimedia training modules
   • articles in scientific, technical and medical journals
   • research reports, codes of practice, technical data sheets
   • textbooks, monographs aimed at specialized and popular audiences


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